Clubs At Wildwood 

Wildwood offers a wide variety of clubs including Board Games, Sports, and Computer Programming. Students can choose a new club for Mondays and Fridays each term. The current clubs for Winter 2020 are listed below:

Ugio Cards/Bey Blades

Have some fun with your friends playing Bey Blades and Ugio.

Arts and Crafts

Express your creativity while making some crafts and doing art projects.

In the Mix Dance Crew

Learn some hip-hop dance moves, and create a music video with the Crew 


Play games in the gym and hone your skills..

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End your week with some relaxing stretching exercise!

Drawing and Cartooning Club

Doodle and learn how to draw cartoons!

Karaoke Club

Sing along to your favourite songs!

Team/Strategy Games

Play games in the gym with your friends.

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Monday Club

Friday Club