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Wildwood Academy successfully educates children with a wide variety of learning abilities by providing the most current and effective, scientifically-validated programming. Through the use of precise pedagogy, Wildwood strives to provide all students with the academic and social skills needed to become active members of both the school environment and outside community.

Students begin every day with 40 minutes of math. Utilizing Direct Instruction Programs such as Connecting Math, students are taught core math concepts which are then built upon to ensure there are no gaps in student understanding. 


Students are taught the building blocks of spelling through Direct Instruction programs such as Spelling Mastery. Students are taught generalizable rules and strategies, as well as morphographs and phonetics. 


Students are taught scientific principals and procedure through inquiry, experiential learning, and hands-on experiments. 


Students have 40 minutes of explicit reading instruction ever day. Students are taught decoding and comprehension strategies through Direct Instruction programs such as Reading Mastery

Arts, Music, and Drama

Students are exposed to the Canadian arts curriculum. Through studying the elements of art and artists, listening to, creating and learning about music, and exposure to the elements of drama, students are given numerous opportunities to express their creativity. 

Social Studies

Students are taught responsible and active citizenship. Using the inquiry process, students gather information about the past and present to form opinions and think critically.


Writing concepts such as paragraphs, grammar, and punctuation are explicitly taught. Students learn fundamental writing skills through Direct Instruction programs such as Expressive Writing. 

Physical Education

Utilizing Wildwood's full gymnasium, students learn physical literacy strategies as outlined by the Canadian Curriculum. Students are provided with opportunites to use the gym throughout the day to burn off energy and move. 

Emotional Intelligence

Multiple staff members at Wildwood are PEERS certified instructors. Students are explicitly taught social skills and emotional regulation strategies. 


Wildwood has a fully equipped computer lab where students are taught how to type, research, and utilize programs such as Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. 

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