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Meet The Administration Team


Robert Hamilton


E-mail Robert


Front Office Manager


Chantel Nascimento

Curricular Administrator


Sarah Johnson

Direct Instruction Coach

As our school evolves, we have created a new Administrative Team for the upcoming year. Our team’s focus will be to continue to build on the excellent work that has been done. As our school continues to grow in new ways, Miss. Nascimento’s (Curricular Administrator) area of focus will be on organizing new student intakes and aligning teachers with learning communities in our school. She managed extra curricular events and ensures that our program is robust in offering our students diverse opportunities to engage in co-curricular activities. Mrs. Johnson (Direct Instruction Coach) is helping our staff implement and teach using the the Direct Instruction programs and philosophy. Mr. Hamilton’s (Principal) role will be to oversee the operations of the school and to build on our strategic goals and community engagement. We believe our new Administrative Team structure will provide strength as our school community continues to move forward. 

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