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After School Programs 

The school day at Wildwood is 8:15 to 4:00. Students work hard during the day at Wildwood, and need time for family and friends after school and on weekends. Homework at Wildwood is reserved for extra practice and limited to weekdays. We are confident that all of our students will achieve academic success and still have time for fun. Our extended school day allows students to complete their coursework in the classroom.

Homework Club

Students are provided with small group  support while they complete their homework. Supervision is provided until 5:00pm. Homework club runs Monday-Thursday, and supervision is provided on Fridays. Additional fees apply. 

Intensive Homework Support Tutoring

Whether your child is trying to catch up to a grade level, working to maintain good grades and solidify skills, or looking for enrichment, our certified teachers will create an individual learning plan for their success. Additional Fees Apply. 

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